ZEISS: offering digital solutions for a digital world


ZEISS have developed an innovative new lens to help people remain fresh, fit and focused in today’s digital world.

ZEISS understand how digital devices have come to dominate our lives, however the human eye was not made for today’s digital world. Constantly looking at smartphones, tablets and laptops increases the risk of digital eye strain and the associated musculoskeletal symptoms. Yet we are only beginning to learn about Digital Eye Strain, its causes and the ZEISS solution.

With the recent launch of the ZEISS Digital Lens, ZEISS introduced a new product category specifically designed and tailored to meet the changing demands of today’s digital world.  Digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs have become our constant companions in daily life. They simplify our lives and define our lifestyle. The more we use them, the more we are required to switch between close-up and distance vision. That means we are using our eyes in new ways.

Are your eyes working harder and getting tired faster? Do you suffer from blurred vision, tired or dry eyes, headaches, neck strain, or fatigue? Especially at the end of the day? If so, you may be suffering from Digital Eye Strain.

The ZEISS Digital Lens has been specifically designed to help tired and strained eyes cope with the challenges of using digital devices. It gives you a wide, clear view of your entire world, and includes an area of digital power specifically calculated to provide comfortable viewing of digital devices. Enjoy fresh, fit and focused vision all day long.

Now there is a NEW all-day eyeglass lens designed specifically for your digital lifestyle. ZEISS Digital Lens:

  • helps your eyes focus more easily
  • reduces stress and strain while viewing digital devices
  • is ideal for all-day wear

ZEISS Digital Eye Strain Test App

image004Do you use your smartphone on a daily basis? If so, take the free ZEISS digital eye strain test to find out how well your eyes are geared to the challenges of modern life.

Eye strain and fatigue can lead to eye irritation, headaches and neck pain. Perhaps you have already experienced the sensation of tired, strained eyes after a particularly stressful day?

The ZEISS digital eye strain test has been specially developed by ZEISS for switching your focus from a smartphone to a distance of approximately 6 metres and vice-versa in order to precisely measure the strain on your eyes. So make sure you have your smartphone ready and download the app today via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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