how your eyes work

How your eyes work

your-eyesLook at an object. The light beamed from that object enters the eye through the clear outer part of the eye (the cornea) and passes through what appears to be a black hole (the pupil) located in the centre of the coloured disc i.e. the pattern of lines, dots and colours (the iris).

The size (diameter) of the pupil will be reduced by the iris in bright light conditions and increased in low light conditions and darkness. Every individual’s iris is unique. (Increasingly, iris scanning is used as the basis for foolproof security systems to authenticate an individual’s ID. Iris security is said to be 2,000 times more secure than a fingerprint.)

The light beam then comes to a pinpoint focus by the lens onto the back of the eye (the retina).The retina changes the light signals into electronic signals that are sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

These electrical signals are processed into a detailed image of the object that you looked at. This detailed image is not only in form and colour but also in 3D (the 3D facilitated by the parallax between your two eyes as the two images from each eye converge).

How your eyes work is the miracle of sight.

Your Eye Health

Regular eye examinations can reveal vital information about your general health and may detect early warning signs of eye disorders such as diabetes.

Accordingly, it is in your best interest to have routine eye care examinations every two years. In some instances, a shorter interval will be recommended by your optometrist or medical practitioner.

Your Eye Examination

At JOYCE Optometrists eye examinations are comprehensive and complete and include internal and external eye health.

We will test your ability to see sharply and clearly at all distances i.e. your visual acuity.

We will check the vision integrity of your current eyewear prescription.

If you are a new patient don’t forget to bring your current glasses.

You should allow approximately 30 to 40 minutes for the examination.

After the eye test, our Optometrist will discuss your overall eye health and vision test results with you.