sunglasses… living loving and laughing

sunglasses… living loving and laughing

Quality sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the Sun’s harmful UV rays but also from eyelid cancers. Quality sunglasses will also provide visual comfort and will help you see better by reducing glare and improving contrast.

Your safety whilst driving on sunny days and outdoor activities will be enhanced. Not all sunglasses will provide the protection you need. Our sunglasses meet or exceed Australian standards for UV protection.

Not only are sunglasses available for the adults, we also have children’s sunglasses and a range of ski goggles and sports eye wear. We can empower your sunglasses with your personal prescription.


Remember, never look at the Sun even if you are wearing sunglasses, permanent loss of vision can result if you do.
Quality sunglasses are an investment.

You may be entitled to claim a tax deduction for the cost of sunglasses, if the nature of your work requires you to work in the sun for all or part of the day and you wear the sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun while at work. Check with your Accountant or Tax Advisor.

polarized sunglass lenses

Polarized sunglass lenses eliminate or reduce glare from non-metallic surfaces such as water and roads.

They enhance the wearer’s sense of depth enabling wearers to see below the surface of water or eliminate road surface and dashboard glare whilst driving when only surface glare would otherwise be seen.

They reduce fatigue and accordingly increase the wearers comfort.

All polarized lenses are ‘sunglasses’ but all sunglasses do not have the benefits of polarized lenses.

The benefits of polarized sunglass lenses for boating, water sports, near water wear and driving in the Sun are obvious but they are also good for almost all sunglass wearers no matter what lifestyle you have.

Drivers of cars fitted with heads-up display systems that project speed and other information onto the windscreen will know that whilst polarized sunglass lenses
eliminate glare they also eliminate the heads-up display !