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Contact Lenses

The alternative to wearing framed lenses is contact lenses.

contact-lenses‘Contacts’ can be worn as your primary eyewear but they are also a terrific option to wear on a part time basis as an alternative to your framed eyewear for sporting, occupational, social, or lifestyle activities.

Contacts give a wider field of view and greater freedom of movement. As such they are ideal for sporting activities and day or night use. For these reasons we love prescribing Contacts; freedom and convenience.

We prescribe the best fit Contacts from a wide range of reputable and popular brands including CooperVision, ACUVUE, Alcon and Bausch and Lomb

Feedback tells us that many patients believe that Contacts are not suitable for them because of previously unsuccessful attempts at wearing Contacts or other reasons. The good news is that extraordinary advances in the technology of Contact Lenses means that the majority of eyes can now be successfully fitted with Contacts including:

  • short-sightedness
  • long-sightedness
  • astigmatism

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Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal Contact Lenses are a relatively new and exciting option for patients who require different distance and reading prescriptions

Soft Contact Lenses (aka disposable contact lenses)

Very comfortable to wear because they adapt to the shape of your eye, soft contacts are available for:

  • single use: discarded after one day’s use.
  • daily wear: can be reused for up to two weeks or one month depending on type
  • extended wear options

Disposable Contacts are the most popular Contacts.

Hard Contact Lenses (aka rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses)

As the name suggests, RGP lenses are more rigid than soft lenses and some wearers find them not as comfortable as soft lenses. However, gas-permeable lenses may be a better option for certain vision problems such as high astigmatism.

FREE contact lens trial before you buy*

Our optometrists will complete a contact lens consultation and arrange a free trail before you buy*.This will allow you to get the feel for contacts and to ensure that they will meet your expectations. Contact us for details.

*professional fees apply


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